Outstanding Child Advocate, Honored with John L. Snook Award

Each year, Children Youth and Family Services Inc. accepts nominations from peers for an outstanding child advocate, someone who has demonstrated over time, a commitment to the well-being of children in our community. This year’s recipient, Jack Gallagher, is a leader in Charlottesville and has greatly impacted services for at-risk youth.

Community Attention provides residential and outreach services for at-risk youth and their families. Gallagher began this work as a youth counselor 30 years ago inspired by his family who act on their belief, “give something back” to the community. Through the years he has changed roles within Community Attention (residential counselor, group home director, treatment coordinator, administrator) but he has never grown tired of trying to find innovative ways to help troubled kids and families recognize their strengths, resources, and needs and to make helpful and needed changes.

His vision of integrated effective services between agencies has led to his service and leadership at the local and state levels of administration. It is significant praise that one of his nominations states, ”More than any other individual, Gallagher has been responsible for the shaping the vision of Community Attention and our community in developing programs responsive to the needs of troubled youth.”

Community Attention offers volunteer internships, mentorships, and general opportunities. Call 970 –3334.

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