Bravo! Health Care For All Our Children

By Dr. Shaele Wood

Over 2,500 children in our area now have health insurance thanks in part to Dr. Peyton Weary’s tireless support and advocacy of the United Way Success By 6’s Insurance for Children Project. Dr. Weary chairs the Project’s steering committee, makes presentations to community groups, from civic clubs to employers to physicians to the Chamber of Commerce. He has supported the work to gain health insurance for uninsured children through letters to the editor, speaking at public forums and lobbying local political officials. He led the Albemarle County Medical Society’s strong and active partnership role in seeing children become insured. United Way President, Cathy Train, believes that “his dedication is in no small part responsible for the project’s success in enrolling over 2,500 previously uninsured children in state health insurance programs.”

Dr. Weary also supports the Charlottesville Free Clinic’s vital role in meeting the health care needs of low-income working families by making frequent trips to Richmond to speak on their behalf during General Assembly sessions.

In recognition of his “exemplary” work advocating for access to health care for all persons, the Junior League of Charlottesville awarded Dr. Weary the Emily Couric Community Advocacy Award.

To volunteer with the Insurance for Children Project, the Free Clinic, or at other agencies in our area, please visit or contact the United Way-Thomas Jefferson Area Volunteer Center at 434-972-1705.

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