"Delivery!" A Family Who Serves Meals on Wheels

By Shaele Wood

Amy Hereford Munn has delivered hot, nutritious meals to residents in our community for six years. But she doesnÂ’t do it alone. She is often accompanied by her children, Molly, Saint, and Genny, ages 16, 13 and 20, respectively. Other times, when she is unable to do her regular route her sons Mason, Will and Chapman, ages 18, 20 and 17, fill in for her.

Amy jokes about life with six teenagers in a blended family. We're not the Brady Bunch but serving meals together provides an opportunity for more than an hour in the car when we share a common goal that benefits someone else. Amy reminds us that oftentimes the driver is the only person that the clients will have contact with during the day. It's about nurturing people - through meals and companionship. Molly considers the clients with whom she became attached and comments, when you're having a bad day it's wonderful to take the focus off yourself and do something good for someone else.

Meals on Wheels of Charlottesville/Albemarle is just one of the agencies where your family can volunteer this holiday season and throughout the year. Visit the United Way-Thomas Jefferson Area Volunteer Center website at www.BeAVolunteer.info to search for opportunities or call 434-972-1705.

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