The Great Blizzard of '04

The day dawned dark with forbidding skies. The three friends, Bumble the Bee, Charlie the Goose, and Annabelle the Collie were gathered together at the clubhouse. It was planned as a goodbye breakfast because Bumble was going to hibernate and Charlie was flying south.

Trying hard not to look worried, Annabelle said, “It is a little dark but it will probably lighten up in a couple of hours. You’ll have a good day to fly”

Bumble replied, “I’m not so sure ,Annabelle. The temperature is dropping” and gave a little shiver.

Charlie thoughtfully went over and picked up a tiny scrap of cloth for bumble to hold around his shoulders to keep warm.

“I think Bumble is right,” said Charlie decisively. When I was a gosling in the north country clouds like this meant trouble. Big trouble. We need to prepare for the worst.

The three friends sprung into action. Annabelle jumped up on the table and pulled the drapes of the wndows in order to keep out drafts. The wind was beginning to whistle.

Charlie, being a Canadian Goose, was used to winter weather so he headed outside to gather more wood.

“This storm might last for days. I hope our fire will put out enough heat to keep us warm” barked Annabelle looking worriedly at the tiny little fireplace. “I’ve brought lots of wood so at least that won’t be a problem said Charlie.”

Bumble tried hard not to let his hands shake as he got out candles, a flashlight and extra batteries, and checked to make sure there was plenty of water in the cupboard.

The three friends were very tense as they watched the clouds getting closer.

“Sure as I’m a dog, those clouds are bringing snow,” said Annabelle. “My people’s farmers almanac says this winter there is supposed to be a blizzard worse than back in 1958.”

Bumble and Charlie nodded in agreement. The storm clouds looked bad and as they peeped out the window the first few flakes f snow fell. Soon all the three friends could see was a white blur as the snowflakes swirled about in the wind.

“Well,” said Bumble, “This is a fine fix.”

The friends all looked at each other glumly feeling sorry for themselves.

All of a sudden Annabelle gave a terrific yip and shouted, “I know, let’s have our party anyway! It will be fun and we can play lots of games, too!”

“What a great idea!” honked Charlie. “If we have to be trapped inside, the Clubhouse is the best place to be!”

Bumbled buzzed around the room excitedly. “I should just fly around a bit when I feel chilly. This is great. Who wants to try and beat me at checkers?” Bumble challenged.

Annabelle heated milk for hot cocoa while Charlie and Bumble matched off across the checkerboard each eagerly jumping one another’s pieces and cheering.

The day grew colder yet the three friends had never had more fun. After checkers they played “duck, duck, goose” and “I spy”. Then they drew pictures, sang songs, and baked cupcakes. When at last the wind died down the three friends looked out at a winter wonderland where ice was shining on the trees and clean white snow was drifting on the fence line.

“It’s beautiful,” said Annabelle softly. “Sure is,” agreed Charlie and Bumble.

The three friends headed back inside for their supper and a long winter’s nap. Tomorrow would be a good clear day for flying but they still had a few hours to enjoy Charlie’s company before he headed south for the winter.

The End.

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