The Buzz Around Town: Do you feel the music and arts instruction at your child's school is adequate?

In our October Buzz poll, we asked you if you felt the music and arts instruction at your child's school is adequate. 53% of respondents answered "yes" and 47% answered "no." Here's what you said:


My 4th grader has music one day and chorus another (she loves it) and every grade has a performance. I wish art was more than just the weekly class, but it's still great.
Crozet mom

I can't emphasize enough the importance to me of educating mind, body and spirit....that can not be found anywhere as readily as a Waldorf school. Not learning what to think..but how to see, how to process the children know so much more than they ever could have learned anywhere else. We are nearing high school....and my great sadness is that there is not a Waldorf [high school] to continue with here in cville. Totally worth the financial sacrifices too.

Art and music are an integral part of the Waldorf curriculum. This interdisciplinary approach engages the whole child so that he or she is actively learning.
Mother of 2 children at the Charlottesville Waldorf School

I think we have one of the best music and art teachers I could ever ask for my daughter at Peabody School!
Carol, Ruckersville

Our school offers band, orchestra, and chorus classes for all grades, as well as art and drama.
Middle school student

They do a great job fitting this into a busy school day.
Mom of 2, Cville

Art and music are an integral part of my daughter's education at the Waldorf school. I'm always amazed at the student's (and teachers!) artwork and the music program is superb. Every student plays an instrument and the choir is fantastic. But these subjects aren't limited to special times. Art and music are weaved into regular lessons every single day.
Jane G., Charlottesville, mother of one girl


The music and arts education my younger daughter receives at Brownsville elementary school is pretty minimal. Now in the fifth grade, she's had the same specialist teachers for six years running and is beyond bored by them. My older daughter at Henley has fared a bit better and her music teacher, Kate Meier, is extremely talented and dedicated. Ms. Meier is so overloaded though that I worry she will burn out or get recruited away by a school division willing to commit more to music and arts education.
Brownsville/Henley Dad

I wish there were after-school programs for musical instrument instruction in the elementary schools. I remember learning to play the violin in a program through my school for which we paid a nominal amount for a group lesson.
Leslie R., Charlottesville, mom of two

Once a week is not enough. If kids had more opportunities for art, music (and PE) this would provide them more creative outlets, enable greater learning and facilitate better behavior.
Nina's Mom

We no longer inspire creativity - perhaps we never did - in our schools. Children need to learn to think creatively and the arts are a great way to accomplish this need. Every art/music class my kids have taken has inspired nothing but mechanics and doing things the 'proper' way.
C Icenhour, mom of three

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