The Best Way to Go To Sleep

Ever have trouble getting to sleep at night? Well, Annabelle the Collie has a tip for you. All you need is a your very own floating glass bubble and next thing you know, it’ll be morning. Sound a little strange? Just listen to Annabelle’s story and you’ll understand.

One night, Annabelle simply could not get to sleep. She tossed and turned and rolled around on her bed, but nothing was comfortable. Her eyes would not stay shut and she could not stop worrying about silly things. Worst of all, her body felt very tired, for it had been a busy day.

It was a beautiful, sunny day in early spring. All morning Annabelle and Charlie the Goose had chased each other around the pond. Have you ever chased a goose? It can really wear you out! Annabelle lay down to rest for a while in the field, but not for long, because along came her old friend, Bumble the Bee. Now, Bumble had been sleeping all winter, and this was his first day out in the sunshine. His wings were stiff and he was very hungry after his long nap, so Bumble was eager to fly around and find some nice, sweet flower nectar to eat.

Annabelle and Bumble went on a big adventure. She followed him as he zigzagged across the cow pasture and into the woods. You think chasing a goose is tiring? Try following a bee! After a while, Bumble met some other bees in a patch of daffodils. Annabelle left the bees to enjoy their party.

She took the long way home, splashing through the Minnow River, then climbing straight up and over the Great Hound Mountain. Along the way, she found a nice, tasty bone and decided to dig a deep hole near her house to bury it and save it for later. Just when she was finished with that, the mailman came along, and she had to chase him down the road.

Annabelle ate a big supper that night, then yawned, stretched, and yawned again, but just when she was about to go to bed, Charlie the Goose flew overhead, squawking and honking and waking up all the dogs in the neighborhood. They all started barking at Charlie, and Annabelle just had to join in the fun. Finally, when she could bark no more, Annabelle knew it was time for bed. After all, tomorrow was going to be another busy day, and she needed all the rest she could get.

But sleep did not come. Her eyes popped right open. “Did I bury my bone deep enough?” she worried, “Or will another dog find it and dig it up?” She remembered the mailman and wondered if she had scared him a lot, or just a little. “Maybe I should have growled and bared my teeth a little more.” Then she thought about Charlie the Goose and how she was going to chase him tomorrow. “He’s a tricky goose, that Charlie. He’s not very fast on the ground, but he doesn’t need to be since he can fly.” She even thought about Bumble, and hoped that he had enjoyed his bee party.

Thinking of Charlie and Bumble made Annabelle wonder what it might be like to fly. “It would be scary to see the world from way up there,” she thought. She could not picture herself with wings, and she knew she could never fly an airplane. “But what if I had a big, round, glass bubble? Then I could just float way up high, and not worry about falling.”

She imagined crawling into the big glass bubble and feeling it lift gently up off the ground. Soon, she was way up above her house. She saw the pond, pastures, and forest, and then she was higher than the Great Hound Mountain. She floated past Bumble and Charlie the Goose and kept right on going, way up into the fluffy clouds where everything on earth—all of her silly worries—seemed tiny. She was light as a feather inside the bubble, and perfectly safe and warm. If she wanted to, she could roll over and flip upside-down, like a weightless astronaut. And she just kept going up and up. The higher she got, the sleepier she became, and the next thing Annabelle the Collie knew, the sun had risen, and she had gotten a good night’s sleep. So, next time you’re having trouble getting to sleep, just close your eyes, polish up your glass bubble and go for a float.

The End.

Mike L. Ford is the author of historical novels for kids of all ages. A North Garden native, he now lives in beautiful Greene County with his wife Holly, heir new baby, and their two dogs.

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