Charlottesville Area Berry & Fruit Picking Guide


Shopping and eating local seems to be a way of life in the Charlottesville area. Do both at the same time (and have lots of family fun along the way) by visiting one of the many orchards and berry farms in the area. There is a plethora of berries and other fruits available for picking from spring to fall, and there is no better way to teach your kids about where food comes from, how it’s grown, and how absolutely delicious freshly plucked produce can be! Check out our 2023 Berry & Fruit Picking Guide below, and start planning your seasonal outings now. Find your favorite places to pick strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, apples, peaches, grapes & more fruits. Be sure to check websites and/or call ahead to ask about restrictions and availability. Looking for more farm and orchard info? See our Apple Picking Guide, too! 

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Charlottesville Virginia Fresh Fruit Availability Chart

Strawberries: April-June
Cherries: June
Blackberries: June-August
Blueberries: June-August
Peaches: June-August
Raspberries: July-October
Grapes: August-October
Apples: August-November

Where & When to Pick Your Own Berries, Peaches, Apples & More!

Chiles Peach Orchard (Crozet)
Pick your own strawberries late-April through early-June, peaches June through mid-September and apples mid-August through mid-November. Once you have picked a basket of delicious strawberries try our yummy strawberry shortcake recipe. Be sure to check their Facebook page for daily updates. 434-823-1583,

Critzer Family Farm (Afton)
Pick your own strawberries in May and June and blackberries and raspberries in mid-July and a selection of vegetables throughout the summer and fall. Be sure to check their Facebook page for updates. 540-241-3305, 

Dickie Brothers Orchard (Roseland)
Black raspberries in mid-June, blackberries and peaches in July, nectarines in the beginning of August, and pick-your-own apples from August to September. Pre-picked peaches, plums and nectarines will be available in August.  434-277-5516,

Gold Hill Blueberry Farm (Unionville)
Enjoy picking blueberries July through August, and check out the other items grown on the farm as well. Once you have a basket of fresh blueberries you can try our yummy blueberry lemon ricotta pancake recipe.

Henley’s Orchard (Crozet)
Pick your own peaches beginning mid-June and lasting through August. Apple picking season starts in late June and runs through October.

Hill Top Berry Farm & Winery (Nellysford)
Pick several varieties of thornless blackberries mid-July through August at this berry winery, and don’t forget to visit the annual Blackberry Festival and Music Festival. 434-361-1266,

Kipps Grapes (Rochelle)
Pick your own grapes, apples and peaches from early August through early September. Check out the jams, jellies and sauces made from their fruit as well. 540-948-4171,


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Liberty Mills Farm (Somerset)
Pick your own strawberries in May and enjoy yummy popcorn, fudge, and ice cream. Be sure to check out the Strawberry Fest in late May each year and the Sunflower Festival from the end of August to the beginning of September. 434-882-6293,

The Market at Grelen (Somerset)
Starting with blueberries, the berry picking starts in early-June and typically goes through September, Wednesdays–Sundays. Pick peaches in early-June through August and apples in August through October.

Miller Farms Market (Locust Grove)
Pick-your-own strawberries in May from the three-acre strawberry patch. You can also pick blackberries, blueberries and raspberries a little later on in the season.

Morris Orchard (Monroe)
Pick blueberries in mid-June and blackberries in early July. They also have peaches starting in July through most of the summer.

Saunders Brothers Farm Market (Piney River)
Peaches and nectarines are available for purchase (no pick-your-own here) June–September. Apples are available starting in late-June–October, and Asian pears can be purchased August–October.

Seamans’ Orchard (Roseland)
Pick your own strawberries in May-June, cherries and blueberries in June, followed by apples in September. 434-277-8130,

Spring Valley Orchard (Afton)
Owned by the same family as Chiles Peach Orchard and Carter Mountain Orchard; offers pick-your-own sweet cherries from mid to late May until late June or early July. 434-960-9443,

Sunrise Gardens (Brightwood)
Pick your own blueberries late-may through mid-June. Blackberry picking starts in mid-June through mid-July, and there is one small row of black raspberries available for picking. 540-407-1424

Wenger Grapes (Waynesboro)
Pick your own Concord and Niagara grapes from late August through September for fresh eating, jams and juice.

Happy picking! Visit our local farms and orchards in the late summer/fall, too. Check out our Apple Picking Guide for all you need to know. Be sure to check websites and/or call ahead to ask about restrictions and availability., a collection of local resources including a popular calendar of events, family services guides and features on education, health and family day trips for parents and teachers in Charlottesville, as well as Virginia Wine & Country Life, a semi-annual life & style magazine, and Wine & Country Weddings, an annual art book celebrating elegant Virginia weddings.