Songs and Stories with Mary and Mike is a new children’s television program for PBS, currently airing on Virginia Public Media as part of their Home Learning programming. Songs and Stories is produced by Mary and Mike Anderson, two Charlottesville music educators with a mission to bring the joy and power of music and stories to all children.

The program features guest teachers, musicians, artists, authors, and community members as well as a wide variety of music and children’s literature for a rich, diverse celebration of all people and cultures.

Mary and Mike have over 30 years combined experience in education and present all material so that it is developmentally appropriate for young children, beneficial to children’s overall well being, and supportive of healthy brain development.

In every episode, the message to children is clear: they are loved, they are valued, and they can do amazing things.


Every Monday and Friday 10:30am
on VPM Plus
Stream episodes anytime at


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