The Living Earth School (LES) is a nature connection-based educational organization located in the Blue Ridge Mountains near Charlottesville, Virginia. Our programs draw from both ancient and modern wisdom to help empower students to become better caretakers, mentors, leaders and lovers of life. LES helps people reconnect and restore their own connections with our living planet. In today’s world, we need time to unplug from technology and instead put our time into reconnecting with nature.

Nature is a great healer, helping us unwind and find purpose and greater meaning in life. Time in nature is time well spent. Experiences in nature with thoughtful nature mentors helping guide and restore balance is crucial. Our nature connection curriculum is built around survival skills, including bow drill fire, shelter building, wild edible plants, animal tracking, bird language, storytelling, living with the seasons and caretaking of the land. We include community building within all of our programs and seek to help the individual grow and tend to his or her own personal gifts.

Connect with Nature and Journey into the Heart!

The Living Earth School in Charlottesville, VA


Day & Residential Summer Camps • Year-Round Programs for Youth • Seasonal Adult & Family Program • Summer Teen Expeditions

The Living Earth School in Charlottesville, VA


101 Rocky Bottom Lane, Afton


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