For more than twenty years, Virginia529 has helped millions of families plan and save for future higher education expenses.

Its flexible, affordable and top-rated Invest529 program offers multiple investment portfolios, including its newest option the Tuition Track Portfolio. With the Tuition Track Portfolio, Virginia families can purchase units toward tuition and other qualified education expenses, any time of the year and without any contract. You control how much and how often to contribute, starting with as little as $10.
Units have the same value no matter where your student goes to school, whether it is a 2-year or 4 year public, or private college, in-state or outside of Virginia. And you decide whether to use Units for tuition, housing, meal plans or books—it’s up to you as long as they are qualified 529 expenses.

For every 100 units you purchase, you’ll receive the value equal to one year of Average Tuition when your student attends college. But you can purchase fewer than 100 units, or more!


Use your Virginia529 account for any of these approved expenses:

Higher Education:
Tuition, fees, meals, room & board, textbooks, supplies & more
K–12 Education:
Tuition at private, public & religious schools
Student Loan Repayment:
Amounts paid on qualified student loans
Registered Apprenticeship Programs:
Fees, supplies and required equipment


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