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Parent-Baby Classes in Charlottesville


Introducing your child to a variety of activities at a young age is a great way to let them explore their own interests and help them improve their social and motor skills. But signing little ones up for classes can be hard. Maybe your baby is too young to do activities on her own yet, or your child is shy around strangers. Or maybe, you aren’t ready to let them go off without you just quite yet. Regardless of why, joint parent-child classes provide a wonderful opportunity for your child to try new things and meet new people while also bonding with you over a shared activity. Here are some of our local favorite Parent-Baby Classes in Charlottesville.

Art & Music Classes for Children Near Charlottesville

For the child that is often reprimanded for being loud or messy, music or art classes can be a great creative outlet!

Music at Blue Ridge Music Together

Blue Ridge Music Together offers a mixed-age music class. It’s aimed at babies, toddlers and preschoolers, but kids older than age 5 can still attend with the family. Kids and parents are encouraged to make music and dance together at whatever level they’re comfortable.

Arts and Crafts at Greenleaf Park

Greenleaf Park offers “Art in the Park,” where parents and children can get messy and make art together. This class is perfect for kids ages 3–5, so they can enhance fine motor skills, creativity and their imagination.

Music at The Front Porch Charlottesville

The Front Porch in Charlottesville offers a variety of music classes for “wee ones,” ages 2–6. Class topics include musical storytime, introductions to different instruments, singing “Motown” hits and more!

Charlottesville Area Athletics Classes for Children

Is your child always bouncing off the walls? Try channeling that energy into a fun physical activity.

Gymnastics at Classics Gymnastic Center

The Classics Gymnastic Center offers Tiny Tots classes for children ages 18–36 months. Help your child develop strength, flexibility and coordination through the use of gymnastics and play equipment.

Swimming at Crow Pool

Visit Crow pool for their starfish level swimming class, which is perfect for children ages 1½–3. Join your child in learning the basics of swimming and water safety.

Tennis at Pen Park

Introduce your child to organized sports at Pen Park with these Family-Friendly Tennis classes. Kids ages 3–5 will have fun participating in drills and games on the court alongside other family members.


dad and baby at swim class

Other Classes for Children

If none of the other activities feel right for your child, here are a variety of other options that are sure to pique their interest.

Canoeing at Walnut Creek Park

Walnut Creek Park offers a canoeing with kids class parents and kids ages 6 and up. In this class, you’ll cover the basics of equipment, terminology, and technique to get started canoeing, emphasizing water and paddling safety. No experience is required!

Forest Activities at Charlottesville Waldorf School

Charlottesville Waldorf School offers a Forest Parent and Child class for children ages 18 months–6 years. Children engage in storytime, singing, unstructured outdoor playtime, and arts and crafts, giving parents the opportunity to either join in or to socialize with the other parents.

Storytimes at Jefferson-Madison Regional Libraries

Jefferson-Madison Regional Libraries are offering a variety of different virtual storytimes.

Little ones grow up quickly, so make sure to cherish these moments and to be present with your child, even if the activities they prefer aren’t ones you would have chosen. Spending quality time with your child is always time well spent, no matter which activity you choose., a collection of local resources including a popular calendar of events, family services guides and features on education, health and family day trips for parents and teachers in Charlottesville, as well as Virginia Wine & Country Life, a semi-annual life & style magazine, and Wine & Country Weddings, an annual art book celebrating elegant Virginia weddings.