Big sister with her newborn sibling

Welcome Home Baby!


There are so many emotions and thoughts parents have when bringing home a new baby, especially if there are older siblings waiting to welcome their baby brother or sister. Chances are you feel happy with anticipation but also stressed and worried about introducing your newborn to his or her siblings. All of these feelings are completely normal, and there’s no doubt the moment your kids meet is a monumental one. Here are some pieces of advice and practical ideas when it comes to making those all-important sibling introductions.


Tips for Introducing Baby to Siblings

  • Before Birth. Help your older child(ren) get to know baby before he or she arrives. Involve your kids in your pregnancy as much and you can, and talk to them about what it will be like when their sibling comes home. Ask them questions like, “Baby is moving a lot! Do you want to feel? What do you think he is doing in there?” or “What kind of toys do you think the baby will like when she gets here?”
  • Make A Plan. We know, we know–things never go as planned when kids are involved, but put some thought into how you will introduce baby beforehand rather than haphazardly forcing the meeting. Having an idea of how you will do it will put you at ease and actually help manage your expectations.
  • Relax. Try your best to let go and let the older sibling(s) get to know baby in their own ways. This will probably include lots of touching, cooing and questions for mom and dad!
  • Put Baby Down. Consider introducing baby while still in the carseat or in a swing or bassinet, not in your arms. This will allow siblings to feel like they can be closer to the baby, and help you let things go with the flow. Not holding baby when they first meet can also help big brother or sister feel less jealous, too.
  • Manage Any Disappointment. Don’t put too much pressure on the sibling relationship right away. Big bro or sis could very well be upset initially, or just have no interest at all in the new addition. Perspective is key. In the long run, your kids will all get along just fine (except for when they don’t – ha!).



New Baby Introduction Ideas

  • Gift Exchange. Have a gift from the baby ready to give to the older sibling. On the flip side, go shopping with big brother or sister before baby is born, and let them pick out a special present they can give to baby.
  • Make A Day of It. If you can swing it, make the day your older child meets your newborn special all around. Have your partner take the older kid(s) out to lunch and to a playground before heading to the hospital to meet baby. Make it known today is a special day!
  • Job Well Done. Look for small ways your older child can help care for baby right away. These tasks can include going to get wipes, throwing away a diaper, singing a song to baby, etc. Make sure they know how incredibly helpful they are being.
  • Matchy, Matchy. Cue the “twinning” outfits. Get a jump-start on a childhood of matching sibling outfits. Bring baby home in a onesie that matches a t-shirt for their older sibling. Consider having big brother or sister pick out the new apparel.
  • Cake! Hey, it’s technically a birthday, right? Celebrate the first night at home with your new addition with a special cake for the family to enjoy.
  • Get Crafty. Have your older kid(s) color a welcome home sign to hang in the house and/or draw a picture for the baby. We’ve included a couple super cute printable templates below!


Printable Sign to Welcome Home Baby

Welcome Home Baby Sign


Coloring Sheet for Older Sibling(s) to Welcome Home Baby

Welcome Home Baby Coloring Page


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